Paula Patton Joins Cast of new ‘Mission: Impossible’ Movie, Writes her own scene.

Posted on September 1, 2010 /Uncategorized


EW has confirmed that Paula Patton (‘Precious‘) has signed onto the new Mission: Impossible movie as the female lead. ( first reported the story.)

According to a source close to the film — which stars Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner, is produced by Cruise and J.J. Abrams, and will be directed by Brad Bird (‘The Incredibles’) — it will not be a “reboot” as has been reported, but it won’t be titled Mission: Impossible IV either.

As for Patton, she’s reportedly playing an up-and-coming agent working with Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. But since the film’s plot will likely remain locked in a pressure-temperature-and-sound-sensitive vault until much closer to the movie’s expected Dec. 16, 2011 release, Patton’s character could be anything from Keri Russell’s character in the Abrams directed Mission: Impossible III (i.e. a platonic teammate), to Emmanuelle Béart’s role from 1996′s Mission: Impossible (i.e. a seductress and double agent).