Diddy Guest Stars on ‘Hawaii Five-O’ (Video)

Posted on April 20, 2011 /Uncategorized


Diddy (billed under his real name, Sean Combs) played action star last night on ‘Hawaii Five-0’ (Monday, 10PM on CBS), appearing as Reggie Cole, a New York detective investigating the murder of his wife. In the episode, Cole is trying to protect his son while on the run, operating under cover for the FBI. He is undercover in Hawaii, where a suspect in the murder of Cole’s wife winds up dead, and Cole becomes a suspect.

McGarrett asks Cole to turn himself in, but he refuses, claiming innocence. “I can’t do that,” says Cole. “I only have one chance to find out how this went down.” Cole tries to stay ahead of the 5-0 task force by monitoring a portable radio he steals from a squad car.

Kelly and Kalakaua track Cole down and arrest him, as he still he’s innocent, and that the man was dead when he got there.

Things get cleared up in the end, and the story is left open for Diddy to possibly return later in the season.