Watch ‘Duck’ Short Film Starring Skylan Brooks, Dannon Green

'Duck' Short Film USA Character Project

USA Networks’ Character Project is a short film competition that has turned up some gems during submissions with Jakob Daschek’s Duck being one of them.

The film features a cast of talented up-and-coming black actors.

Skylan Brooks (‘Our Family Wedding‘) stars as Emmanuel, with Dannon Green (‘The Shield‘) as the coach, and Tish Wright as Emmanuel’s mother.

The film’s official synopsis reads:

“Emmanuel isn’t like other ten-year-olds — he can’t play with them, he can’t focus at school, and he can’t even bear to be hugged by his mother. Manny’s crippling fear of being touched is threatening to ruin his life. Until, at his mother’s prompting, he visits a local boxing gym. There, with help from a seasoned trainer, Emmanuel learns not just to confront his phobia, but to use it, in this inspiring story about facing our fears, owning our strengths, and fighting for a chance to be who we are.”