Sneak Peek: Annie Ilonzeh in new ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Series [Video]

As reported earlier this month, Annie Ilonzeh was cast in the highly-anticipated new ABC series Charlie’s Angels. Ilonzeh will be the first black angel. A revolutionary casting decision for the Charlie’s Angels franchise.

Ilonzeh plays the role of Kate, the intelligent martial arts master and former cop. Minka Kelly (‘Friday Night Lights,’ ‘Parenthood’) and Rachael Taylor (‘Grey’s Anatomy’) co-star in the Drew Barrymore-produced show.

The cast was caught shooting scenes down in Miami Beach just a few weeks ago. ABC has recently announced that Charlie’s Angels will be included in it’s new fall lineup.

Today we get our first look into the new series with this new clip.


Annnie Ilonzeh Joins ABC’s Charlie’s Angels