Wesley Snipes Wants To Hear From Fans

Posted on May 27, 2011 /Uncategorized


Award-winning actor Wesley Snipes was sentenced to three years in jail for not filing his taxes back in 2008. A panel of judges in the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals upheld Snipes’ 2008 sentencing on three misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax returns. Snipes finally surrendered to federal custody in December 2010 after years of appealing the sentence. Wesley Snipes should be released no later than December 2013.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Snipes was attempting to refinance his home while incarcerated. Sources in a New York Post article claim Snipes is struggling financially and “his four kids have nothing to live on.”

Fans of the actor are encouraged to write Wesley at the following mailing address:

FPC McKean-Satellite Camp
c/o Wesley T. Snipes 43355-018
P.O. Box 8000
Bradford, Pa. 16701