What To Watch: Damon Wayans Jr. in ABC’s ‘Happy Endings’

Damon Wayans Jr. Stars in ABC's 'New Girl'

One of our picks for our annual 35 Under 35 list of actors Damon Wayans Jr., who is the 28 year-old son of comedian/actor Damon Wayans is starring in a promising new tv show about couples and friendship.

Wayans plays the role of Brad in the new ABC comedy Happy Endings. Brad and Jane are a happily married Type-A couple. Brad works for a huge Chicago investment firm and was introduced to his wife, Jane, by his best bud Dave when they were in college. An ideal night for Brad is hanging out at home, watching TV, eating Chinese food and having unprotected sex with his smoking hot wife. Brad is always down to watch a game, hit a bar, or play videogames for hours on end.

You can watch Happy Endings tonight and every wednesday at 10p.m. ET. on ABC.