Malik Yoba Stars in ‘Alphas,’ A New Series on Syfy

Malik Yoba In AlphasMalik Yoba returns to the small screen this summer in a hot new television show on the Syfy channel. The new show, Alphas, follows Section 8, a team of meta-humans employed by the CIA to find and subdue threats from other ‘Alphas’. The team is lead by Dr. Lee Rosen, a normal human psychiatrist who counsels the team and hones their abilities.

Yoba’s character, Bill Harken, is a former FBI agent with the ability to flood his body with adrenaline, making him incredibly fast and strong. Essentially the Section 8 heavy, his former government service makes him the tactical front-man. “There’s comedy elements; there’s drama, sci-fi elements, suspense. We keep saying we’re doing the anti-show show, meaning even from a character standpoint, a performance standpoint, the position of the show allows us to do a fair amount of improvisation and add our own flavor to the show which is not something that happens a lot in television. It’s been a nice surprise” says Yoba.

You can read more about Yoba and his character (and other upcoming projects) in an in-depth interview with Poptimal. Watch the trailer for Alphas below and let us know what you think.

Alphas premiers Monday, July 11th at 10/9c on Syfy.