New Haitian Online Crime Series ‘Touye Pwen’

The new online series “TOUYE PWEN” (the name is Haitian for Kill Point, and is pronounced to-ye pwin), written and directed by R.L Scott, focuses on Haitian-American culture in Los Angeles.

The series focuses on “four friends who grew up on the mean streets of New York and find themselves in Los Angeles through horrid ircumstances. All members of of a notorious crime family called ‘The Strap Set’, they set their sights on taking over the cities’ criminal world.”

After six years in prison, a young man must face his past demons to finally move forward.

Touye Pwen Cast

Touye Pwen

Surrounded by the most vicious streets gangs, crime lords, and ruthless killers… he will do whatever it takes to achieve his objective.

Starring Said Faraj (Greenzone) , Amin Joseph (The Expendables), Monyque Thompson Scott (Lie To Me), Chyna Mccoy (The Matrix), Sean Riggs (Stomp the Yard) and Black Thomas (Step up 2 The Streets).

Other cast members include Jasmine Hester, Duain Richmond Martyn, Shaun Mixon, and Maurice Whitfield.

Touye Pwen premiers on June 28.

Photos Courtesy of Shadow Multimedia.