Watch This Amazing ‘Suits’ Episode Starring Gina Torres, Russell Hornsby, and Sharon Leal (Video)

Suits USA Series Gina Torres, Russell HornsbyUSA’s new original series Suits is amazing television. We’ve watched it since it debuted a few weeks ago.

The latest episode was dominated by an exceptional cast of black actors which included Gina Torres, Russell Hornsby, and Sharon Leal.

In the latest episode, entitled ‘Dirty Little Secrets,’ viewers get a closer look into Jessica Pearson’s (Gina Torres) secretive past. Jessica’s ex-husband Quentin Sainz (Russell Hornsby) is  the head of a drug company who comes under fire for falsifying drug trials of a life-saving medication that caused fatal side effects. Faced with a lawsuit that may potentially cause his company to go bankrupt, Sainz seeks help from Jessica. The lawyers investigate Lisa Parker (Sharon Leal), the consultant for Quentin Sainz’s drug trials (who also happens to be Sainz’s lover). Jessica Pearson confronts Lisa Parker on her role in the drug trial fraud, and the breakup of her marriage to Quentin.

Side note: The actress that played Glenda did an excellent job as a NYC Housing Department worker.

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