Watch ‘FAIL’ Comedy Web Series (Video)

Fail Show

A new online comedy series debuted this week starring some promising talent from an ensemble cast of aspiring actors.

FAIL is a new comedy about a group of college students who are on the verge of academic probation as a result of the random misadventures they embark on after class. The series focuses on six students; at the center of which is a guy and girl friend duo whose infatuation for the opposite sex is a bit extreme. In an attempt to improve their grades, the students form a study group and end up spending more time in each other’s social circles than in their books, proving that college is about finding yourself and your friends for life… class is overrated.

The cast features newcomers James Bland, Jeryn Mays, Tristin Mays, Vanessa Baden, Whitney Reed, and Andrew Bachelor.

Watch the first episode below:

Visit to learn more about the cast and crew.