Michael K Williams To Join ‘Community’ As New Biology Teacher

Michael K WilliamsThe Wire‘s Michael K Williams will join NBC’s Community for three episodes in Season 3.

Williams will play Greendale’s new biology professor. A role created specifically for Williams after executive producer Dan Harmon was impressed with the actors’ performance as Omar in HBO’s The Wire.

Although Williams is signed on for just three episodes, Harmon expressed interest in bringing him on as a regular. Conflicting schedules may thwart his casting plans since the actor is already attached to HBO’s Broadwalk Empire.

“It’s one of those rare things where the casting was the idea and the character was created to suit [the actor]. If we’re unable to share him, then we are in another Betty White situation where someone else will come in as his substitute,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Why would Omar come to such a goofy show? The show is going through an apparent evolution of sorts. Harmon expects Williams to bring a dark authenticity to the show in order to give it a realistic dynamic for the upcoming season.


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