Anthony Mackie, Sanaa Lathan On Set of ‘Vipaka’

Sanaa Lathan and Anthony Mackie in 'Vipaka'

We get a behind the scenes look at Anthony Mackie and Sanaa Lathan in the new voodoo horror flick Vipaka, which is currently filming in New Orleans. Sanaa tweeted a photo of herself with a “beat up” Mackie between takes.

Anthony plays the role of a life coach who gets kidnapped and tortured by a psycho voodoo worshipper, played by Forest Whitaker. Sanaa plays the wife of Mackie’s character, who’s also being targeted by Whitaker’s madness.

The film also stars Mike Epps. Other actors in the film include Adella Gautier, and Denise Milfort.


Sanaa Lathan, Forest Whitaker, Mike Epps, and Anthony Mackie to star in ‘Vipaka’