Idris Elba Doesn’t Believe Black Men Are ‘Sexy’


Emmy-nominated actor Idris Elba doesn’t believe his own hype. Despite thousands of random women professing their undying love for him on twitter (after he tweeted a sexy pic of himself), the Obsessed actor doesn’t believe he is as “big” or “sexy” as some people think he is.

When asked about how he feels about being a “sex symbol,” his response is quite shocking, humbling, and somewhat questionable.

I always get asked this question and I don’t really have a real satisfactory answer. I don’t know what it feels like to be a sex symbol,” he explained. “When I wake up in the morning I see the same face.

But the actor said that part of his attitude is shaped by the fact that Hollywood often doesn’t use a key descriptor for the brothers. “I will say this—and I’ve said this in the press before—Black men, we’re never called sexy,” Idris said. “We’re called athletic, intense, we’re described as being the strong type, the silent type, but we’re never really described as sexy.”

Even though his blanket statement is untrue and doesn’t apply to every script written for every black male actor, he tries to offer an explanation to his questionable comments.

There’s a real generalization to what I’m saying. In general, the word sexy doesn’t apply to Black men,” Idris said. “In a script, they won’t say a sexy Black man they’ll say ‘a muscular Black man’, ‘an intense Black guy’—’good looking’—but they won’t say sexy.

We’re not buying it! After all, he was the obsession in his film “Obsessed.” A role that had Beyonce and Ali Larter fighting for his affection.

What are you thoughts about Idris’ statements? Are black men sexy?


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