Nonso Anozie Lands Big Roles in the U.S.

Nonso AnozieBritish actor Nonso Anozie is quickly making his way into Hollywood. Already landing two high-profile gigs this year, he may soon become a household name.

The actor can be seen in the new film Conan the Barbarian (now in theaters). He has also been cast in the wildly popular HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

“I play the role of Artus, Conan’s old friend and someone he looks up to as an older brother,” Anozie explains of his latest film role. “Artus is a Zamoran pirate, a skilled warrior and a bit of a ladies man! He’s big, noisy and really makes his presence felt,” he said.

When speaking about being cast in the upcoming season of Thrones, Anozie says “I haven’t even filmed it [Game of Thrones] yet, but I’m already getting mail. It’s a great part.”
Nonso Anozie in 'Conan The Barbarian'
However, he says he has been mindful in choosing his roles, so as not to do a disservice to black audiences.

“There are things to consider when you are a black actor, because you are representing your people every time you are on stage or in film,” he says. “I have turned down many parts because they don’t say the right things.”

“You can’t always have a choice, but I try to pick things that stimulate me and tell good stories. It’s about human beings, the dynamics between people, rather than the colour of your skin.”

Anozie’s film credits include “Atonement,” and “RocknRolla.”