Critics Slam Zoe Saldana’s Physical Appearance, Performance in ‘Colombiana’

New York Magazine writer David Edelstein wrote a scathing review of Zoe Saldana‘s performance in her new film Colombiana. However, her performance wasn’t the only thing he criticized. Edelstein also dissed Saldana’s physical appearance as well.

But Saldana’s thinness is also alarming: You say, “Yowza!” and then, “Yikes!” In close-up, she’s drawn and hollow-eyed, with a voice that — even if it’s hers — doesn’t sound as if it’s coming from her head. She’s too listless and strung-out and weirdly disembodied to make you feel much empathy,” said Edelstein.

Saldana wasn’t the only performance to rub this disgruntled writer the wrong way. He also took a dig at young actress Amandla Stenberg, Saldana’s 12-year-old co-star. Edelstein writes “The child actress who plays Cataleya when her parents are slain by a Bogota crime lord is strikingly robotic..”

Edelstein isn’t the only one talking ish about Saldana’s body. Writer Kyle Buchanan, a critic from the same magazine, wrote an entire article on Zoe’s physical appearance. “Saldana looks like a spider doing a cartwheel,” Buchanan wrote in his article.

Have writers gone too far? Or is it all fair game? Share your thoughts below.


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