Denzel Washington Set for ‘Flight’

Denzel WashingtonVeteran actor Denzel Washington is gearing up to play a substance abuser next month in director Robert Zemecki‘s new film Flight.

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Washington will play the lead role of a heroic pilot who’s heroism is called into question after an investigation into his private life reveals some questionable behavior the day before an incident.

“Flight, which centers on a alcoholic and drug-addicted pilot. When his plane’s engine malfunctions, the pilot manages to rescue the aircraft and its passengers, becoming a hero in the process. When the FAA investigates and finds evidence of drug abuse, it tries to sweep it to the side to help preserve the image of the captain, who is trying to change the course of his life,” reported The Hollywood Reporter.

Washington can be seen next in the highly anticipated film Safe House. The actor is also loosely attached to Will Smith’s American Can. Principal Photography for Flight begins next month in Atlanta.


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