Lamorne Morris Replaces Damon Wayans Jr. on Fox’s Comedy Series ‘New Girl’

Posted on September 28, 2011 /TV


Lamorne Morris made his debut appearance as Winston last night on Fox’s new hit comedy series New Girl.

Viewers may have been taken for a loop when Damon Wayans Jr.‘s character disappeared from the second episode of the show. That’s because Wayans filmed the pilot episode of ‘New Girl’ before his hit show ‘Happy Endings’ took off. He decided to stick with the other project.

Producers ultimately decided to keep Wayans in the pilot premiere. But in last night’s second episode, Morris moved back in town in as Winston, a former basketball player who owns the apartment and kicked out Coach (Wayans’character) — who had been subletting the room.

The virtually unknown Morris landed a high-profile gig on one of the most promising new shows on network television, but it didn’t come easy. “I guess it was like a two-way thing. They really wanted me, but they wanted to make sure,” said Morris. “They pretty much saw hundreds of actors, and I had to read against all of them, but I’m here. I’m grateful.”



‘New Girl’ airs every Tuesday at 9pm EST. on Fox.


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