Michael Obiora Joins UK’s ‘Casualty’ Series

Michael Obiora, Casualty


British actor Michael Obiora, known for his portrayal of Ben on Hotel Babylon, has joined BBC’s Casualty in a recurring role.

Obiora joins the 25-year-old television medical drama as Lloyd Asike, a cocky male nurse recruit working in the hospital’s emergency department.

“He thinks with his heart! He’s a very keen newly qualified Nurse, and he ultimately wants to do good but because of his youth, inexperience and passion, he can sometimes make the wrong decisions and at times he get’s emotionally involved where perhaps he shouldn’t. I’m really enjoying playing a character who is at the start of his professional career. I’m looking forward to seeing him grow, and try to balance his moral’s – Lloyd’s always going to find this tricky because he doesn’t believe in telling lies, even small ones!,” Obiora said in an interview with Holby TV.

Residents and vistors of the UK can watch Obiora’s appearance on Casualty online here.