Aisha Hinds: Lifetime’s Surprise Breakout Star

Posted on October 11, 2011 /TV


Last night was the premiere of Lifetime’s Five, a series of short films about breast cancer.  In a post made yesterday, we wrote about one of the shorts titled Lili, which focused on a black family led by Jenifer Lewis.
It was an amazing and informative film. However, last night’s surprise breakout star of the series was Aisha Hinds‘ Bernice character from the Demi Moore-directed Charlotte. Hinds, best known for her role as Lt. Maureen Mason on ABC’s “Detroit 1-8-7,” delivered a performance that was both warm, and honest, as the nanny of a dying woman’s child.

Directed by Moore and written by Stephen Godchaux, “Five’s” opening film, Charlotte, takes place the night in July 1969 when man first walks on the moon, and when a young Pearl (Ava Acres) is more concerned about why her family is not letting her see her mother, Charlotte (Ginnifer Goodwin), who lies in her bedroom dying from breast cancer. When she sneaks in to see and ultimately say goodbye to her mother, Pearl develops a lifelong passion to help others afflicted with the disease and eventually opens an oncology clinic where she will treat the women we meet throughout “Five.”

Missed the premiere of ‘Five’ last night? Visit Lifetime’s website to watch it online.


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