Candese Reid Wins Best British Newcomer Award for ‘Junkhearts’ + Upcoming Screening

Posted on October 31, 2011 /UK


Candese Reid won the Best British Newcomer Award last week at the London Film Festival for her role in the new indie film ‘Junkhearts.’ The Guardian reports the actress was so overwhelemed and shaking, she dropped her award during the ceremony.

Reid plays a troubled homeless girl who manipulates an older war vet to take her in so that she and her boyfriend can use his home as a drug den. Attack The Block‘s John Boyega also stars.

The full synopsis reads:

A multi-stranded psychological thriller set In inner city London, JUNKHEARTS follows the story of Frank (Eddie Marsan), a vulnerable ex soldier suffering from post traumatic stress disorder who finds himself manipulated by a young girl (Candese Reid) and her boyfriend as they attempt to use his home as a drugs den.

“Junkhearts” is screening for 15-18 yr olds on 25 Nov. Sign up for tickets here.

(Photo: Rob Greig)