‘Charlie’s Angels’ Cancelled!

Isaiah Mustafa 'Charlies Angels'It’s being reported that ABC has cancelled it’s new remake of Charlie’s Angels.

After low ratings, scathing reviews, and public outcry over bad writing and poor acting, this news isn’t really much of a shocker. We saw this cancellation coming in the very first episode after witnessing the first dramatic scene of the series– one of the angels dies in a car explosion followed up by a bizarre, emotionless reaction from the surviving angels.

The series starred General Hospital‘s Annie Ilonzeh as the first black Angel, and Old Spice‘s Isaiah Mustafa, in his first major acting role, as a Miami detective. Single LadiesDB Woodside also appeared on a recent episode in a guest-starring role.

The show gave black talent a platform to shine. The black characters also gave the show some of it’s best moments. Angels saw a ratings boost the week after Woodside delivered a solid performance as a drug kingpin.

The network has shut down production, but will air the rest of the episodes they have already made.


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