Elvis Nolasco Joins Spike Lee’s ‘Da Brick’

Elvis Nolasco
Elvis Nolasco joins the cast of Spike Lee‘s new HBO series Da Brick as a series regular.

Lee and Mike Tyson are teaming up with “Entourage” creator and HBO show creator Doug Ellin for a new series set in Newark based on Tyson’s early life growing up in the projects.

Elvis is cast in the role called, “Hector Acevedo aka The Real”, who is a quiet menace but dangerous. Elvis is no stranger to working with the phenomenal director Spike Lee, as he was cast in “Clockers.”

His character is described as being “on his own since he was a kid, nobody ever gave The Real a break, and he’s sure not waiting for the world to hand him one. He gets over however he can. Blunts, women, money and “his boys” are all he’s ever had in life, and all he really cares about…”

[Via Cheynne Martin]


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