Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union Comedy Pilot Axed

Posted on October 18, 2011 /TV


After ordering two pilot episodes of family comedy ‘Litte In Common,’ Fox has decided not to move forward with the project. The original cast included Gabrielle Union, and Kevin Hart as a sports-obsessed married couple with children (played by Malachi Smith and Sydney Mikayla).

The show centered around a white family having trouble adjusting to their new Texas neighborhood–particularly their African-American and Latino neighbors. Sound offensive? Apparently, the white couple don’t share the same views on child rearing with their ethnic counterparts. The pilot didn’t test well even after changes to the script and cast.

Fans of the duo will get another chance to see them together on screen in a new film project. Hart and Union are currently filming Steve Harvey‘s “Think Like A Man.” A release date hasn’t been set, but the film is expected to hit theaters next year.


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