New on Blu-ray: ‘Bonekickers’ Starring Adrian Lester, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Eamonn Walker

Posted on October 29, 2011 /UK


HISTORY, MYSTERY AND fantasy combine for intriguing plots on “Bonekickers.” The British drama set in the ancient city of Bath keeps viewers intrigued with Indiana Jones meets CSI story lines. Each episode is packed with forensics and adventure – and flashbacks to collaborate key moments in history – as archaeologists uncover the unexpected. Adrian Lester and Gugu Mbatha-Raw star. Eamonn Walker guest stars.

With vibrant picture quality and strong sound, the Blu-ray release features six episodes on two discs. That’s 344 minutes of action. The extras are equally impressive with in-depth information – including at least six extra segments, with information about the script, visual effects, editing, production design, shooting and audio mix – following every episode. It’s hard to ask for anything more on a Blu-ray release making “Bonekickers” a can’t miss for adventure and history fans.