Watch An Explosive Clip from ‘Sket’ Starring Ashley Walters and Riann Steele

Riann Steele, Ashley Walters in 'Sket'

Ashley Walters is shaping up to be the next big thing out of the UK. The British actor stars in SKET (currently playing in cinemas), a gritty new film about a girl gang out for revenge.

In SKET, Walters plays a villain responsible for killing an innocent bystander who comes to the aid of his abused girlfriend (played by Riann Steele).

The film’s cast also includes Adelayo Adedayo and Richie Campbell.

Watch the explosive scene below.

Walters can also be seen in Demons Never Die, a horror film about a group of teens (also currently playing in cinemas). Walters has also been cast as a lead character in the new Channel 4 drama series ‘Top Boy’ (airing 31 Oct).

(Photo/Video: Revolver Entertainment)


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