Watch Russell Hornsby in First 20 Mins of ‘Grimm’ (Video)

Russell Hornsby in 'Grimm'

NBC has released an extended preview of Grimm, the network’s new supernatural drama series starring Russell Hornsby.

Hornsby nails his role in the first 20 minutes of the drama series as the edgy Detective Hank Griffin. While we are excited about this series, others aren’t so enthusiastic. The show was called out in the media for giving Hornsby the BBF role.

“There’s the sidekick best black friend, whose entire purpose seems to be echoing and aiding the white star. This is exemplified by Russell Hornsby on NBC’s new cop drama “Grimm.” He doesn’t really get a scene to himself. But Hornsby’s Hank Griffin works overtime in the background, razzing Nick for proposing marriage to his girlfriend,” reports NPR.

Watch the extended preview below and let us know what you think in the comments.

“Grimm” premieres Friday, Oct 28 at 8pm EST on NBC.