5 Questions With an Acting Coach: Marishka S. Phillips

Marishka PhillipsOur email inboxes are always flooded with the same questions from aspiring (and rising) actors. So, we took the initiative to start relaying those questions to renowned acting coaches in a new series called ‘5 Questions with an Acting Coach.’

Marishka Phillips has worked with Why Did I Get Married actress Tasha Smith, and other notables. Currently, Phillips teaches acting workshops in both New York and Los Angeles at the Marishka Phillips Theatrical Preparatory.

The 5 Questions

BA: How does one become an actor?

MP: I cannot teach one to act, however I can get you to your truth that you must give yourself full permission to expose that truth and lift it into your character. It is my belief that every person that has the passion to be an actor, has an innate gift that they bring to the craft. It is my job as an acting coach to help them define and refine that gift. You Must be Willing.

BA: What tips can you give to an actor trying to land their first role?

MP: When you walk into that audition room half the battle is confidence. That means you have to do The Work on your character development and your script! Once you do the work and Full of your stuff (organic truth) then you get out there and do the play! Not to be mistaken with cockiness. They want to be sure they want to work with you.

BA: How does an actor know which roles to accept and which ones to skip?

MP: Once you define yourself as an actor/ artist you will be absolutely clear on which roles are right for you! Film is Forever!

BA: How does a new actor get an agent?

MP: Getting an agent is grind time. Get great pictures and send them out. Knock on doors if you have to. always have business cards or something that is a great representation of you and the characters you want to play. Or ask your actor friends about their agents. Some actors are generous. There are also worthy seminars.

BA: What can actors learn from you?

MP: If actors chose to work with me, I can teach them to take risks as the actor, leave a memorable impression in the audition room, Clarity, vulnerability, and truth. It’s hard work. It takes 10,000 hours to master a craft.

Ms. Phillips’ next workshop is being held on Dec. 3 and 10, from 12-5pm at the Flight Theater, located at 6472 Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. Classes are $50. For more information, call 516-300-3260 or email marishkagoddess@gmail.com.