Marla Gibbs, Regina King Reunite on ‘Southland’


Doug Hyun/TNT

FIRST LOOK: Regina King was just 14 when she started playing Brenda, the smart, sassy daughter of Marla Gibbs‘ Mary Jenkins on the NBC sitcom 227. Two decades later, King is taking care of 80-year-old Gibbs in the January 24 episode of TNT’s Southland.

“This is the first time we’ve acted together since 227,” says Gibbs. “But Regina’s still my daughter. I just love her.” Gibbs, all recovered from a stroke she suffered a few years back, plays the grandmother of a falsely accused suspect. “My character has a little Alzheimer’s, so I call Regina ‘Brenda,’ thinking she’s my grandson’s ex-girlfriend.”

King was touched to reunite with her former TV mom. “It was just like old times,” she says. “She’s as sharp-witted as she was 20-plus years ago.” Now let’s get Jackée in there next!

[via TV Guide]


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