Michael Ealy in ‘Common Law’ Series Trailer

Posted on November 3, 2011 /TV


It’s always amazing to see how a project turns out after it’s been announced several months before. We finally get to see Michael Ealy in the buddy cop action drama series ‘Common Law’ after we posted about it a while back.

Common Law centers on Travis Marks (Ealy) and Wes Mitchell (Warren Kole), two cops with a problem…each other. Wes, a methodical former lawyer with a passion for cars, gardening, and his ex-wife, and Travis, a maverick ladies’ man who served time in juvenile hall, can’t stand each other. As partners, they were LAPD’s dream team on the homicide squad but constant bickering got in the way of their work and the two ended up on probation. To revive their flagging professional relationship, their Captain (Jack McGhee) sends them to Dr. Ryan (Sonya Walger), a couples therapist who will help them try to understand and resolve their conflicks. We soon learn that a successful relationship or partnership doesn’t mean you have to like the same things; you just have to hate the same things.

‘With Michael and Warren, we have two stars who bring out the best in each other,” USA Network co-presidents Jeff Wachtel and Chris McCumber said. The series joins ‘Necessary Roughness’ and ‘Suits’ as a primetime series with a black lead on the network.

“Common Law” is currently shooting in New Orleans. Check out the show’s first trailer:


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