Naomie Harris Announces Role in James Bond Film ‘Skyfall’ (Video)

Naomie Harris


Naomie Harris appeared on the panel of the first official press conference for the 23rd installment of the James Bond franchise titled ‘Skyfall.’ Harris will play a field agent named “Eve.”

The actress revealed that she has been physically training for her role for two months now. Taking classes in yoga, stunt driving, and machine gun firing. The actress also revealed that her stunt training involved jumping in and out of cars, and running up and down stairs. This revelation means we will most definitely see Harris in some major action scenes.

Dailymail reports “Miss Harris, 35, already a notable stage and screen actress, will initially play an M16 field agent known only as Eve. But the plot will see her character become Bond’s foil, Moneypenny.”

The film, which began production yesterday, will shoot in locations such as London, Shanghai, Istanbul, Scotland, and Whitehall.

Watch the press conference below:


Naomie Harris’ Possible ‘Bond 23′ Role Revealed