‘Pan Am’ Lands in Haiti, Hoji Fortuna Guest Stars

Posted on November 14, 2011 /TV


The most recent episode of ABC’s new flight drama “Pan Am” landed in unfamiliar territory–war torn Haiti. Angolan actor Hoji Fortuna (Viva Riva!) guest-starred on last night’s episode “Unscheduled Departure.”

When a passenger has a heart attack mid-flight to Venezuela, the pilot makes an emergency landing in Port-au-Prince to find medical help. Fortuna plays a Haitian doctor in a remote village.

“The doctor, understandably, is not enthusiastic about leaving his room full of patients behind in favor of an American, the assistance of whom would likely get him killed. The amazing Colette gives him a strong emotional appeal, though, and he hands her a nitroglycerin pill to take back. As they drive off with the young woman in tow, their Jeep is sprayed with bullets. This fun airplane show just got real serious real fast, and if even a hair on my Colette’s precious head is touched, there will be hell to pay,” reviewed NY Mag.

Pan Am "Unscheduled Departure" episode

In the midst of civil unrest (and a medical emergency), a young Haitian girl seeks refuge with the flight crew. The flight attendants become saviors and plead with the pilots to allow her to escape the country and fly back to the United States with them.

This is the second episode featuring black characters on the show. Last week’s episode featured Friday Night Lights‘ star Gaius Charles. The actor played a sailor and possible love interest of Laura, one of the Pan Am flight attendants. The episode explored race and civil rights in the 60s. Watch last night’s episode below:


Viva Riva! Trailer