Shakeups at Broadway’s ‘The Mountaintop’

Posted on November 5, 2011 /Theater


When Samuel L Jackson leaves to shoot his next film, producers Sonia Friedman and Jean Doumanian of Broadway’s The Mountaintop are considering recasting the play, which also stars Angela Bassett.

The show has been extended one week and is now scheduled to end its limited run on Jan. 22 when Jackson leaves to begin filming his new movie.

“It’s eminently recastable,” Friedman said of the show. However, the producers would definitely welcome Jackson back after he completes his filming obligations. “We’d love to get Sam back,” Doumanian told Variety.

There are other options for “Mountaintop.” There’s been interest from regional presenters and producers are talking about a live HD cinemacast of the show, probably sometime in January.

There is also the possibility of Jackson reprising his role following filming. In this case, Bassett would likely appear in the show for several weeks with a temporary co-star.

Could the show survive without it’s celebrity stars? Who would replace Sam Jackson?


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