First Look at Dorian Missick in TNT’s “Southland”

Dorian Missick, Regina King in "Southland"

A first look image of Dorian Missick in the upcoming new season of TNT’s cop drama Southland has hit the internet. The actor appears alongside Regina King as her new partner, Ruben Robinson.

“The reality is that the entertainment industry, the majority of the decision makers are all white men. They are so removed from our stories and our communities; they are SO removed from it. They have no idea how to tell our stories; so if we depend on them to do so, we’re always going to be 10 steps behind. One of the things that I’ve always done with my career is that I’ll go after roles that are written black, and the benefit of that is, that more often you get a more developed character; you have more to work with; but the downside to that is that you end up being the only black face in a sea of white people, and it goes largely unnoticed, sometimes by our own community. It’s like, yes, you continue to work and that’s a blessing, but at the same time, it’s good to show up on set and have role that’s written, and it’s a fully realized character that takes into consideration your culture, your background. You don’t constantly have to explain to the writers, or the director why this particular choice for this character might not be what a black man would do in this particular situation,” says Missick in an interview with Shadow and Act.

The new season of “Southland” premieres on Jan. 17 on TNT.


Dorian Missick Joins TNT’s ‘Southland’ Series