Anne-Marie Johnson does not support the SAG/AFTRA merger

Anne-Marie JohnsonActress and current Screen Actors Guild (SAG) board member Anne-Marie Johnson was named as a plaintiff in a new lawsuit attempting to derail the proposed SAG/AFTRA union merger.

The suit, filed in federal court, seeks to preemptively void the merger referendum set to begin next week and force an actuarial study of the impact of merger on pension and health. In other words, non-supporters of the merger want to throw out the results of the vote and conduct a thorough investigation into how the merger will truly affect actors’ pension and health benefits. The opposition claim the union’s “feasibility report” doesn’t paint a true and accurate picture to members of the union.

Johnson, who was previously in the running to become President of the organization, has co-signed the lawsuit in addition to other well respected members such as Ed Harris and Martin Sheen.

The actress sat down with Backstage in 2009 and addressed the merger issue while campaigning for President of the organization.

“The biggest challenge, and the biggest elephant in the room is the question of uniting all actors under the same roof. Without question. Some people would like to call it ‘merger.’ I’m not an advocate for a wholesale merger,” said Johnson. The actress continued, saying “I don’t think bigger is better. But I’m a huge advocate of combining all performers, all actors under the strength of one union. I don’t consider that a merger. I consider that a unification of talent. A wholesale merger is not the plan.” Watch:

SAG and AFTRA posted a 20-page Pro and Con merger booklet of statements online, a week before the voting ballots were to be mailed. You can read that here. What are your thoughts on the merger? Are you for or against it?

Johnson’s television acting credits include “In The Heat of the Night,” “In Living Color” and “That’s So Raven.” Her film credits include Down in the Delta, The Five Heartbeats, and Strictly Business. She can currently be seen alongside Kevin Hart in a national commercial for Ford Focus.