Kerry Washington Talks ‘A Thousand Words,’ and upcoming projects

Posted on March 8, 2012 /Film


The Urban Daily chatted with Kerry Washington to discuss her racy scene in A Thousand Words (opening March 9), what she learned researching her role in the upcoming ABC series “Scandal” and her on screen reunion with Jamie Foxx in Quentin Tarantino’s slave western Django Unchained (coming to theaters December 25th).

TUD: In A Thousand Words, there’s a scene where you’re wearing some very provocative lingerie. You’ve also had to strip down for I Think I Love My Wife and She Hate Me. What kind of preparation do you undergo to prepare for these scenes?

Kerry Washington: Every role is different. I don’t do it unless it’s something I think it’s something important to the journey of the story. It comes out of the context of whatever I’m working on; but it’s always massively uncomfortable and awkward, I’ll tell you that (laughs).

You have a new series “Scandal” premiering on ABC next month. Your character is based on Judy Smith, a real life crisis management guru. What lessons have you learned in P.R. management?

It’s been really fun to wrap my mind around the way Judy thinks. It’s very strategic; it’s all like a chess game to her, thinking 4-5 steps ahead. So it’s been really fun to try to expand my mind. It’s so exciting to play a character like Olivia Pope who is vastly more intelligent than I am. It’s also made me more aware of things going on in the media when a scandal breaks out. A bunch of us in the cast will e-mail each other and ask “What would we do in this situation?”

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