Rockmond Dunbar, Vanessa A. Williams reunite for GMC’s ‘Raising Izzie’

Posted on March 12, 2012 /TV


Former Soul Food series regulars Rockmond Dunbar and Vanessa A. Williams are returning to the small screen in an original TV movie entitled Raising Izzie. The actors will resume their roles as husband and wife for the new film, which will premiere in July on GMC.

“When their mother passes away leaving them without an adult guardian, sisters Izzie (Kyla Kenedy) and Gertie Nash (Victoria Staley) are forced to grow up fast. Afraid her daughters will be separated if they are placed in the foster care system, their mother makes the necessary arrangements for Gertie and Izzie to live on their own, with a bank account, apartment and small on-line business to support themselves. Older sister Gertie takes care of her little sister in addition to working and attending school. For a year, the girls are able to hide their predicament from their neighbors, their landlord and even their teachers. But when Tonya Freeman (Williams), Gertie’s new teacher, becomes suspicious, the girls have to come up with a new plan to protect their secret. After Tonya confronts the girls and they confess to their situation, Tonya has to decide how to protect them and keep them together against the will of her husband Greg (Dunbar).”

Duabar and Williams famously played a happily married couple on the wildly popular Soul Food television series from 2000 thru 2004.

(Photo: Twentieth Century Fox)


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