Michael Jai White Premieres New Film ‘Freaky Deaky’ at 2012 Tribecca Film Festival

Michael Jai White


Michael Jai White stepped out on the red carpet this past weekend for the premiere of his new film Freaky Deaky.

Directed by Charles Matthau, the pic follows a has-been detective who falls into a web of scams and bomb plots while investigating a film director.

White stars as Donnell Lewis, an ex-Black Panther who doubles as a bodyguard and driver for a criminal. White’s character is waiting in the wings to takeover the criminal reigns when the time is right. Read the film synopsis:

A disgraced Detroit cop gets a shot at a comeback when a beautiful young actress needs help taking down a powerful movie producer. Extortion, treachery, and dynamite are just a few of the complications that stand between him and the woman he loves in Charles Matthau’s adaptation of the classic Elmore Leonard novel. Billy Burke, Christian Slater, Crispin Glover, and Michael Jai White star. 

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