Octavia Spencer, Phylicia Rashad’s Next Directorial Projects

Posted on April 10, 2012 /Film, Theater


Octavia Spencer is doing a little directing in between her acting gigs. The Academy Award winner has directed a short film, The Unforgiving Minute, set to debut at the SoHo International Film Festival in New York on April 13. The 10-minute feature follows a boy who grows up in an unforgiving environment and is constantly tested and bullied, reports Essence. It also happens to be narrated by her good friend and The Help co-star, Viola Davis. This isn’t her first time in the director’s chair, either. Spencer directed a documentary in 2008, called The Captain.

Tony award winner Phylicia Rashad will helm Immediate Family, a new American play by Paul Oakley Stovall. The play follows a dysfunctional black family who meet up for a family reunion in Chicago. The official synopsis:

In the Bryant family’s Hyde Park home, keeping a secret is next to impossible. When the entire clan comes together for the first time in more than five years, family secrets are exposed in a hilarious, emotional family reunion. Evy can’t understand why her younger brothers are so mysterious and distant; Jesse is afraid to be true to himself and honest with his family; and no one can understand why Tony is so eager to get married. “Modern Family” meets “All in the Family” as these siblings try to bridge their differences with a little help from God, card games and their Immediate Family.

Immediate Family stars some of the best performers from the Chicago-area, including Shane’sia Davis (Evy), J. Nicole Brooks (Nina), Patrick Sarb (Kristian), Phillip James Brannon (Jesse), Kamal Angelo Bolden (Tony), and Cynda Williams (Ronnie). Previews begin at Goodman Theatre’s Owen Bruner Theatre on June 2, 2012. Rashad previously directed 2007’s Gem of the Ocean, and most recently, an L.A. Production of A Raisin in the Sun.


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