Yaya DaCosta Premieres New Film ‘Whole Lotta Sole’ at 2012 Tribecca Film Festival

Yaya DaCosta

Neilson Bernard

Rising star Yaya Dacosta attended the premiere of her new film Whole Lotta Sole at the 2012 Tribecca Film festival this past weekend.

The actress stars alongside Brendan Fraser in a crime comedy about an American man hiding out in Belfast from his mob affiliated father-in-law. Johnson plays Maguire’s (Fraser) love interest Sophie, who gets entangled in her lover’s drama, which escalates into a hostage situation. The official synopsis reads:

In a rowdy little corner of Belfast, hapless young father Jimbo Reagan is having an unlucky week. Indebted to big-time gangster Mad Dog Flynn for $5,000, Jimbo decides to knock over the local fish market, only to find out post-robbery that it’s a front for Mad Dog’s illegal operations! On the lam with nowhere to turn, Jimbo holes up in a local antique shop and things go from bad to worse when he unwittingly takes five hostages. Shop manager Joe Maguire (Brendan Fraser) is one of these wrong-place-wrong-time hostages, but the situation proves to be serendipitous as Jimbo and Joe unearth encouraging discoveries about their intersecting pasts.

Yaya Dacosta Johnson in 'Whole Lotta Sole'

For more information or to buy tickets, visit Tribecca Film Fest’s website.


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