First look at indie comedy pilot ‘Under One Roof’ (Photos)

'Under One Roof' LogoProduction for the indie family sitcom Under One Roof is in full swing in New Orleans. To celebrate, we’re giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look, straight from the show’s set! The show, which still needs your financial support to launch, centers on an ex-husband and wife forced to live with each other for the sake of their musically gifted son.

The pilot stars Jaqueline Fleming (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter), Daniel Francois, Lawrence LeJohn, Mikki Val, and Clyde Jones (Coming To America). Rounding out the cast are Sheryl Ned, Wild Wayne, Nicoye Banks, Dominque Duvernay, Dominic “Taz” Alexander, Glenn Winter, and Ra’jel Nelson.

Producers are trying to reach their funding goal of $14,000 within the next 19 days to help with production costs. Everyone who contributes money to the show will be rewarded with special perks ranging from a link to the pilot episode to an executive producer credit. To learn more about how you can help, visit the show’s fundraising page on Indiegogo by clicking here.

Under One Roof: Lawrence LeJohn, Sheryl Ned
Lawrence LeJohn, Sheryl Ned on set of ‘Under One Roof’

Jaqueline Fleming, Daniel Francois, and Ra’jel Nelson.
'Under One Roof': Marli Allen
Marli Allen screen test

Clyde Jones and Lawrence LeJohn

Jaqueline Fleming

Clyde Jones screen test

Make-up artist Tremelda Cobb and Jaqueline Fleming on the fabulous set

Nicoye Banks as the Judge

Meet Dominique DuVernay

’21 Jumpstreet’ star Dominic “Taz’ Alexander

‘On The 7th Day’ star Nicoye Banks

The Cast

Louisiana DJ and Guest star Wild Wayne


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