‘Men In Black 3’: What moviegoers are saying

Will Smith in "Men in Black 2" PosterWill Smith is back on the big screen in Men in Black 3, the latest addition to the Sci-fi blockbuster franchise. The film roared into theaters on Friday with $18 million and is on track to dethrone The Avengers for the number one spot.

Men in Black 3 reteams stars Smith and Tommy Lee Jones for a groovy and unexpected trip back in time. We see Smith’s Agent J travel back to 1969 to prevent the murder of a younger version of Jones’ Agent K.

After years off of the Hollywood radar, we wondered if Smith still had the magic that made him a megastar. So, we took to twitter to see what moviegoers were saying about his triumphant return. We scoured thousand of tweets about the film and found an overwhelming majority of the tweeters enjoyed the film.

@iKeepItTooReal tweeted “Men In Black 3 = Great Movie! #MIB3”

@mntwinsfan23 tweeted “Saw @MenInBlack 3 today for the second time. So fun to see Will Smith on a movie screen again. Love Will and the Men In Black movies!”

@DevonRealDeal tweeted “Men in Black 3 was fantastic, best sequel 10 years later next to Toy Story 3. Movie industry needs to come back.”

@thesportsdiva tweeted “Enjoyed Men in Black 3. Good summer movie fun.”

@myself_DJ tweeted “Watched Men In Black 3. Awesome Movie. Loved the acting of Will Smith and Thomas Lee.”

@Just_Ulrika tweeted “Men In Black 3 was soooooo good!! 🙂 Will Smith is a legend!! and i did manage to catch @justinbieber´s small cameo lol 🙂 #swaggy”

We tried to seek out more critical reviews, but couldn’t find any that held any weight. And that’s a very good sign.
'Men In Black 3'

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