Noel Clarke, Lenora Crichlow star in new British sports flick ‘Fast Girls’

Fast Girls

Noel Clarke co-wrote and stars in Fast Girls, a new drama about a British female 4 x 100 metres relay team. The film, produced by The Iron Lady‘s Damian Jones, centers around the rivalry between the rugged Shania (played by Being Human‘s Lenora Crichlow) and her prissy new teammate Lisa.

The film co-stars Crichlow, Lashana Lynch, Lorraine Burroughs, Dominique Tipper and Lily James as Lisa. Rounding out the cast is Daniel Francis, Phil Davis, Bradley James and Rupert Graves.

“When sassy streetwise Shania (Crichlow) meets ambitious, middle class Lisa (James), their two worlds collide on the athletics track with explosive results. As the FAST GIRLS strive to qualify for a major world athletics championship, they battle adversity and rivalry on their dramatic, heartwarming and inspirational journey.”

Apparently, Lenora Crichlow is (shockingly!) the first black actress to play a lead role in a British film. This historic revelation was revealed in an interview with the London Evening Standard.

“This is according to Damian [Jones], the producer, and he knows his stuff,” Crichlow says. “It’s a double-edged sword, though. All my favourite actresses are women of colour, and it saddens me that they’re not household names. But what a positive place to start from. The majority of our lead characters are black females, representing their country, in strong, positive roles. It is something we should see more of.”

The actress didn’t stop there. She went on to describe how her background influenced her thoughts on what British cinema gets wrong. “And coming from a mixed-race background, hearing a lot of different cultures, and sides to things – it’s wonderful. That’s my London. So when I hear something like this is the first British film with a black female lead I’m like: ‘Where’s everyone been?!'” When asked how it would make her dad feel if he knew his daughter had the honor, Crinchlow replies, “Don’t – you’re gonna make me cry!”

Fast Girls is scheduled to be released in UK theaters on June 15.

Noel Clarke in 'Fast Girls'

'Fast Girls'

'Fast Girls'

'Fast Girls'

'Fast Girls'


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