Terry Crews Introduces ‘Expendables 2’ trailer

Posted on May 2, 2012 /Film


Terry Crews gets loud and rowdy in a new teaser trailer for The Expendables 2. Crews actually gives us a teaser of the teaser trailer. Only a few seconds of massive explosions are shown while the actors yells out one liners like “You know you got to have a trailer for the trailer now, son.” At this point we now realize that we won’t be seeing any ass kicking today. Watch the teaser trailer promo hybrid below:

The full trailer will be posted online thursday. This comes almost a week after Lionsgate released a set of cool character posters that we posted. The Expenadbles 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on August 17.


‘Expendables 2′ Poster Featuring Terry Crews 

Terry Crews on the set of ‘The Expendables 2′