‘Under One Roof’: Help jumpstart a black sitcom

Posted on May 12, 2012 /TV


'Under One Roof' LogoEver heard of crowdfunding? It’s a new way for filmmakers and show creators to raise money and get their projects made. Actress and producer Jaqueline Fleming, who played Terrence Howard‘s wife in The Ledge, is using this avenue to launch a new half-hour family sitcom called Under One Roof.

The show will center on a divorced, recently unemployed single mom (played by Fleming) who moves herself and her musically gifted son (Daniel Francois) back in with her ex-husband (Lawrence LeJohn) after legal and money issues arise.

Blackactors.net interviewed Fleming last year about her upcoming role in Tim Burton‘s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, where she dished about one day producing her own show. You can now help turn her dreams into reality by joining her crowdfunding efforts. Watch the actress discuss her project and scroll down for the link below.

Learn more about what you can do to help get this project made by visiting Indiegogo.


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