Carlon Jeffery on His ‘A.N.T. Farm’ Character, Inspiration, and His Rising Career

Carlon Jeffery


On A.N.T. Farm, Carlon Jeffery (best known for his role on Heroes) plays Cameron, the mischievous older brother of musical prodigy Chyna Parks, who sometimes overcompensates in order to escape his sister’s shadow.

In the Season 2 premiere of A.N.T. Farm, entitled “Creative ConsultANT,” Cameron devises a hilarious plan in order to watch a children’s film at the local theater without being seen due to the fear of being ridiculed by his teen peers, especially the beautiful Lexi.

Jeffery took the time out to answer some of our questions about his burgeoning career and the future of his character on the show. He also hinted at a possible A.N.T love connection.

Black Actors: What can we expect from your character in Season 2?

Carlon Jeffery: There will be a lot of excitement this next season. Shaking up the normal routine of the characters. It will be outside the box and let’s just say love is in the air.

BA: What inspires your performance on the show?

CJ: My fans inspire me. They inspire me with their fan letters, their tweets, and watching the show.

BA: How is working on a show like ‘ANT Farm’ different from working on ‘Heroes?’

CJ: My role on “Heroes” was serious compared to “ANT Farm” where it’s more funnier and there’s alot of energy on the show. Even at the ANT Farm sitcom table-reads my fellow actors are always happy, smiling and joking aroung with each other.

BA: What’s your most memorable moment on the show?

CJ: The most memorable moment for me, would have to be the Chicken wing episode . The reason why is because it was my first time performing in front of a live audience. Jake Short (Fletcher) on the show was trying to join this club for school thinking I was trying to raise money to help save the world when, in actuality, I was eating Chicken wings the entire time!

Jeffery in “A.N.T. Farm” Season 2

BA: What got you interested in acting?

CJ: I started out as a rapper before becoming an actor. There was a competition in Florida that I participated in and I actualy took first place in acting. It was my very first time reciting a monologue in front of a large group of people . I did so well that I got a lot of recommendations on continuing my journey to hollywood & the rest history.

BA: How has life changed for you since being on the show?

CJ: Life has changed tremendously, I now have the opportunity to help and give back like I really want to; I feel blessed to be looked upon by kids around the world today, and I can really say dreams are as far as you reach so keep stretching guys.

BA: You starred in a very controversial film ‘The Strange Thing About The Johnsons.’ What was it like working on that film and what are your thoughts about the final product?

CJ: No comment.

BA: Are there any other projects you’re going to be working on or thinking about joining (outside of ANT Farm)?

CJ: I have a very strong passion for music. I am working on a few personal projects. I recently did a remake version of Will Smith’s popular “Sumertime” which is on the ANT Farm soundtrack. The soundtrack spent five weeks at #1 on the billboard kids chart. I am also featured on the song “Pose” from the Disney Channel movie “Frenemies” soundtrack.

BA: What advice would you give other young actors?

CJ: Stay positive, be yourself, take classes and never give up. This business is tough to get into, but the rewards are worth it. Your dreams are only as far as you reach.

A.N.T. Farm” airs Fridays at 8/7c on Disney Channel.


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