Jason George Reveals How He Picks His Roles

Posted on June 13, 2012 /Events


SAG-AFTRA board member Jason George spoke to an audience about his experience as an actor during a panel discussion at the annual ‘Produced By’ Conference, presented by the Producer’s Guild of America.

The Hollywood reporter reports he [George] told the audience that he chooses parts based on the role, the people he’d be working with, the billing and, lastly, the money. Apropos of the second factor, George mentioned that Shonda Rhimes – for whom he’s been doing MD duties on Grey’s Anatomy – has “a ‘no douche’ policy,” adding by way of explanation, “you can’t be a jerk” if you want to work with her.

Members of the board also mentioned that it will raise limits on it’s low budget production contracts if the union’s diversity requirements–up to 50% casting from women, people of color, seniors and performers with disabilities–were met by producers.

George’s television credits include ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Eve,” “Off the Map,” and “Eli Stone.” His film credits include Barbershop and The Box.


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