Kerry Washington wears wooden slave shoulder yoke in graphic new image from ‘Django Unchained’

Kerry Washington in wooden shoulder yoke

Kerry Washington appears in a new image from director Quentin Tarantino‘s controversial spaghetti western slavery drama Django Unchained. Washington plays Broomhilda, the wife of the title character (played by Jamie Foxx) who’s captured by a plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio) in the deep south during the 1850s. In the shocking new image, we see an enslaved Washington wearing an antique wooden yoke around her neck.

For four hundred years millions of black Africans were torn from their families and wore chains around the ankles while carrying frames of wood on their shoulders in a manner similar to cattle. Unfortunately, Django is no history lesson. The tone of the trailers lean more towards a comedy than a serious film about slavery.

Your thoughts?


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