Michael Ealy stars in Faith-based drama ‘Unconditional’

Michael Ealy returns to the big screen in Unconditional, an inspirational new film about the struggles of inner-city children. The pic, written and directed by Brent McCorkle, is due out in theaters on Sept. 21.

Inspired by the life of criminal-turned-child advocate Joe Bradford, Unconditional follows Lynn Collins as a woman who loses her husband and in turn, her faith. While on a quest to avenge her husband’s murder, she is reunited with her oldest friend, Joe Bradford, portrayed by Ealy. The two embark on a journey that leads back toward God’s unconditional love.

The film also stars Kwesi Boakye, Gabriella Phillips, and Cedric Pendleton with Tarren Mason and Danielle Lewis.

Here’s the official synopsis for the film:

Samantha Crawford (Collins), an acclaimed storybook artist, seemingly had it all until losing the love she cherished most. Now fighting despair, she is obsessed with tracking down the murderer of her husband. With no leads and no hope, Sam prepares to take her life until providence intervenes and she is reunited with her childhood friend, Joe Bradford (Ealy).

Dying of kidney disease, Joe spends his last days serving fatherless children in an under resourced community. Observing Papa Joe’s tireless love for “his kids”, Sam begins to find new purpose until she comes face to face with her heart’s desire. The innocence and hope of a child competes with the lure of revenge in an effort to show Sam… Even in life’s darkest of circumstances, Love is above all.


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