John Witherspoon Is NOT Dead!

John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon

Is John Witherspoon dead? Rumors of his death have taken over Twitter tonight with thousands of people offering their condolences. Despite no official news source confirming the rumors, the phrase “R.I.P John Witherspoon” became a worldwide trending topic. Fortunately, the rumor is false and has confirmed Witherspoon is alive and well. Global Grind reportedly reached out to Witherspoon’s manager, Derek Van Pelt, who told the website “John is fine. It’s just a rumor.”

The actor/comedian is currently in Ft. Lauderdale, where he is headlining his own show at the Improv comedy club. Witherspoon will be performing his stand up routine at the club from Friday, Aug 10 thru Sunday, Aug 12. The actor will take his show on the road for the next couple of months, with scheduled performances in Louisville, Ontario and West Palm Beach.

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