Watch Idris Elba on Webcam Tonight (Live Video)

British actor Idris Elba is inviting fans to join him tonight for a live video web chat.

8:00pm EST Update:Web session ended.

7:56pm EST Update:Idris just premiered the new video for his new song ‘Robot.’ He appears at the very end.

7:48pm EST Update:Idris just took some questions: “Is Luther Season 3 done?” He hasn’t filmed it yet. Another viewer asked where his facial hair went. Idris responded “I’m shooting a film in Johannesurg. The character I’m playing (Nelson Mandela) doesn’t have any facial hair.”

7:16pm EST Update:Idris just took to the mic. Laying on a red couch, the actor says he is currently in Johannesburg filming ‘A Long Walk to Freedom.’ He just introduced footage from “Milk + Honey,” a web series that he executive produces.

7:10pm EST Update: Idris just shared an exclusive ‘Prometheus’ poster featuring himself. Several candid photos were also shared.

7:06pm EST Update: Earlier, Idris announced that his new show “How Hip Hop Changed the World” will be available to UK residents on Channel 4.

6:51pm EST Update: The show is back! Idris is back on stage.

6:48pm EST Update: Technical difficulties. The show has temporarily gone off air. Keep hitting the refresh button and standby.

6:45pm EST Update: Idris is back on stage showing off his DJ skills.

6:36pm EST Update: Idris just busted some dance moves on stage.

6:28pm EST Update: Idris just introduced a new clip from his new show about Hip-hop..

6:05pm EST Update: Idris just popped up on screen..

6:00pm EST Update: The show is being set up and the camera is being tested.